​How Do I Place An Order?


We insist on making it easy to purchase a pre-owned Rolex—either in person or online. Customers can visit our company’s retail store Monday through Friday in Huntington Beach, California, or simply go to BobsWatches.com to purchase one of the watches listed.


Payment and Shipping


We do not offer a payment plan directly. For payment plans you can choose Affirm at checkout and you will be redirected to their site for payment options. If you are not satisfied with their terms you can back out of the order at any time. If you have any questions about payments, you will need to contact Affirm directly.


​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


Our payment options are wire (bank transfer), all major US credit cards, PayPal, and our payment plan offering is via the third-party provider, Affirm. For international orders, we accept wire payment only. For Canada, UK and Australia where we accept PayPal as well.

Returns & Refunds


We offer a three day no questions asked return policy as well as one year service warranty. Outside of three days we offer a buyback program which is 25% off your purchase price, plus damage to watch, if any.

Are your Watches Authentic? 

We guarantee that every pre-owned Rolex watch on this site is 100 percent authentic. Further, all our watches are serviced with authentic Rolex parts. We stands behind this authenticity guarantee and offers a full refund on any watch not found to be completely authentic.